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Your Local Goal

Brand Recognition - once you start doing display advertising you are making your company name into a brand.

Your Local Target

Sports Demographics - Who goes to sporting events or take their children to organized team sports? A family with disposable income. Bottom line is premium consumers go to sporting events.

Your Local Where

Location. Location. Location - We target local customers who you want to see your brand. Local sports venues are a big part of many families lives.


At Local Sports Promotions located in Belleville, IL, we use our industry-leading out-of-home strategies to create marketing campaigns that meet people at every stage of the buyer cycle. By embracing the ability to reach a large, broad audience through sports facility advertising, Local Sports Promotions ensures your brand messaging creates the type of lasting impression that drives results.

We Are A Local Brand Promotion Service

The average person needs to see your name 7-12 times before they will call/visit your business.

Supporting local sports is a very positive way to ‘brand’ your business. Think about it, if you see a name on the highway, the message may impact you if it is relevant. The context of where you saw the highway message gives the impression of a large advertiser who spends a lot on advertising. If you see a brand being promoted at a local sporting event your context for associating with the brand is very different. Local sponsorship is a very personal type of advertising that reaches out to people where they are having fun either watching or playing sports.

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Outdoor signage, LED promo, Pole Banners, and many more opportunities to place your business logo. 

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